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All Nations Chess League (ANCL)

ANCL is one of the largest on line chess league; we play 90+5 slow matches,
we have our own rooms at The league is free to join.
All participants in the ANCL must have a full Playchess account (including a serial number), 20 slow games and a rank of knight or higher. Any player who has previously been found using assistance in rated games will be refused entrance to participate in the ANCL league.
we have a main site and a forum, at present there are 14 teams from all over the world, each team can have up to 12 members usually a captain and 1 or 2 vice captains.
Each week a line up of 6 players is made by captain to play against another team.
You then if chosen any given week, (you may well not play every week), use ANCL forum to arrange your match with your opponent agreeing on a time and day to play,
Also at ANCL we have a teaching school,simuls or lessons are given at playchess usually in room 5, where your participation /questions would be welcomed and answered, Lessons usually last for an hour each time, unless the teachers get so enthralled at the Questions they lose track of time.

All the above and more details can be seen at
Main site
If anyone is interested and would like to join us, please do, it takes around 5-7 days to be accepted, please use your playchess nick when registering as user name. Once accepted you will then be added to forum site

mercredi 22 décembre 2010

jeudi 4 novembre 2010

how to cheat at Chess

Derren Brown beats 9 chess players simultaneously.

Infinite Chessboard

question:Imagine an infinite chessboard(or an hperspace) ,how many pieces do you need to give chessmate in an ending?or said in another way:can you checmate with 2 rooks against king alone?

vendredi 29 octobre 2010

Once upon a time ..

Krampus card
It is a long time I have not writed anything;ok I am very busy by my work but that is not the main thing,The real true  is that  I dont like the chess world too much that days:Fischer and Larsen passed away,Kasparov dont play anymore,and kids of 12 years with names I dont care to remember are winning tournaments!

Still soon I will be back!For the time being looks at the girl above isn't chess a pleasant game?
Kiss to girls,hanshake to boys.

lundi 4 octobre 2010

10Shirov2755,4+6,4           As you see the 2 top players lost points on the olympiad.

vendredi 1 octobre 2010

A conversation with Bent

Some days ago Bent Larsen passed away ,here: you can read an old interview with him.

dimanche 19 septembre 2010

strip chess

Some time ago I wrote an article about strip -chess,(a nice way to promote chess,imagine Anand or Kasparov,,,No please forget this).dont be mislead the picture above is from Man Ray and feature Marcel Duchamp who was a  french surrealist and chess Champion(there is an article on him in the blog)I always thought Surrealism and Chess are connected, for example Raymond Roussel (impression d'Afrique)wrote a method to checkmate king with Bishop and Knight

Fiddle Faddle Force wins ANCL season

FFE with capitain Michael Tallovsky wins the ANCL tittle,Congratulations to the team